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Our unique programmes allow each child to reach their fullest potential in low ratio nurturing classroom environments. Included in these environments is a school-wide Learning Support Service. This in-house service supports all children to overcome the barriers to learning they may have.

Bebeplus also offers a range of customised programmes for children who have specific needs such as language delay, speech sound difficulties, social communication difficulties or ASD. These programmes include Social Plus, Speech Plus and Late Talker Classes, as well as Speech and Language Therapy Services.
bebeplus 學習支援課程

Social Plus Programme
Ages 3 - 5 Years

Social Plus is a small class that supports your child to practice using spoken language appropriately with their friends in a fun, supportive and engaging setting. The class aims to improve foundation social skills, language levels and develop fundamental educational and play abilities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing difficulties and more.

Social Plus is led by and experienced Speech and Language Therapist and early years teacher, offering a low therapist/teacher to child ratio; thus allowing targeted support to be provided throughout the sessions. There will be no more than 6 children per class.

This class is ideal for children who require social stimulation and/or who would benefit from some support and strategies to increase their confidence and social skills.

It is an engaging class using role-playing, stories, themes, and fun activities to support and engage your child with practicing the following skills for them to use in their everyday world of home and school:

  • Social greetings
  • Awareness of others
  • Eye contact
  • Interaction with peers
  • Turn taking and waiting
  • Play skills

Feedback is given to parents each week to support your child’s ongoing development.

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Late Talkers Programme NEW
Ages 2-3 Years (Accompanied)

Late Talkers is a small accompanied class that encourages parents and carers to support their child’s communication skills. Key strategies are introduced in an authentic play setting. This class aims to increase parents/carers confidence in helping their child’s language development.

The class is ideal for children with developing language. They may not be talking yet or just beginning to say some words. Games and activities will be designed to increase the number of words your child understands and uses.

It is a fun, active class which includes adult directed aspects as well as child led activities. Adult directed times will involve sharing of information about different strategies as well as feedback from previous sessions.

The following strategies will be covered and demonstrated during the child led activities:

  • Reducing background distractions
  • Direct interaction
  • Following the child’s lead
  • Naming
  • Keeping it simple
  • Commenting
  • Using ‘traffic light’ interactions

Adults attend every session of the block. Parents, helpers, grandparents are invited at different times, however only 1 adult per session to keep focus on the children. Each week different strategies will be suggested to try at home, with a feedback discussion in the following session.

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May Henderson is a UK-trained Speech and Language Therapist & Learning Support Coordinator at Bebegarten with several years’ experience in the UK and internationally. Working in mainstream and special needs schools May has supported children to reach their potential within the school or early years setting. Individualised assessment, followed by child centred therapy and programmes are provided for your child, whilst working closely with parents and school staff.

Services offered:

  • Full assessment of Speech, Language and Communication skills
  • Individual therapy programmes covering speech sound development, language delay/disorder, social communication skills
  • Group therapy programmes to develop interaction skills
  • Total communication environment support
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)
  • Training programmes for parents

Group therapy sessions and programmes information and fees are also available on request.

To book an initial assessment, therapy session or consultation with May Henderson, please email to [email protected] or call at 3487 2255.

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