Explore the world with us this Summer
This Summer at Bebegarten we will be offering a wide range of classes for children from 6 months through to 6 years.
Enrichment Educational Courses

Babies are given learning opportunities that stimulate all areas of development in a safe, stimulating, warm and soothing environment. Activities are planned in both the classroom and baby gym for babies to develop and hone their physical skills such as head and neck control, manual dexterity, large and small muscle control and balance of the whole body.
An important part of the class is Sensory Integration. Crucial to brain development, sensory experiences affect brain cell connections. Synapses are strengthened and multiplied by what a baby experiences through their five senses having strong implications on further learning as a child gets older. The babies and infants will be introduced to different sensory mediums and a variety of equipment. Other areas of development include: spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, object permanence awareness, problem solving and language development.

The classes comprise of the following areas:
Physical Development Challenges, Group Time, Sensory Exploration, Treasure Basket Investigation, Goodbye Story and Songs
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