My Brilliant Baby/Child: Understanding “Multiple Intelligences” in Your Children

Presentation outline

In this talk, Dr Wright will present a ‘not to be missed’ talk on child intelligence development.
Packed with ideas and ‘know-how’, you will take home insight and immediately usable strategies:

  • Hear the latest research on babies’ and toddlers’ brain development and intelligences
  • Discover the unique window of opportunity to cultivate your child’s multiple intelligences
  • Learn the 7 essentials to raise a strong, motivated, achieving child
About the speaker

Dr Gloria S Wright PhD translates groundbreaking ideas into practical ‘know-how’ to help parents, teachers and practitioners educate and raise thriving, smart children.

Fellow at The University of Sydney and Director of Learning Solutions Hong Kong, Dr Gloria S Wright is one of the world’s foremost authorities in human intelligence and is an internationally recognised expert in child education and intelligence development.

Some of Dr Wright’s additional achievements include leading the Hong Kong Educational Reform Initiative “The Indicators for Inclusion”, appraising schools in US for the Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology and Development Paediatrics Association and leading expert combined health and education teams across Australia to educate parents, teachers and medical professionals.

To learn more about Dr Gloria S Wright’s work and private practice, or to draw on her expertise in human intelligence, visit

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Global and What it Means For Their Identity

This presentation will provide a solid understanding of who and what Third Culture Kid’s (TCK’S) are, how this impacts their identity, how you as parents may be impacted, how to recognise and address some of the challenges that occur, as well as how to encourage and celebrate the many positive attributes of being a TCK brings.

Laura Cowan is a TCA (Third Culture Adult), born in Canada, growing up mainly in Scotland, as well as living in Malta for a few years during her adolescence.Ê She is an international educator and counselor with 19 years of experience mostly within Asia, having worked at Hong Kong International School, Shanghai American School and Zurich International School. She currently works at Hong Kong Academy as the secondary school counselor.

Laura’s personal and professional experiences have provided her with an excellent insight within the field of international counseling, and more specifically with third culture kids and their families. She has presented in Asia and Europe on this topic, and is a lead person in providing ongoing education and training to educators around the world.