What are the child-initiated principles behind the 'Language of Children' curriculum framework?
We look at the whole child, focusing on the process first, with the belief that the product naturally follows. Our classes are very child initiated where children are able to decide when they want to move on to the next play station. We don't believe in prescribed lesson plans. How can we expect a child to focus and preserve when we don't allow them the time to finish their activity?
Q: Playtimes A: Ginny Humpage
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What do you think is the ideal teaching model?
Every child is unique, and teacher is only there to guide them. You need to keep inspiring them to explore the world. There isn’t simply one single model but from different countries’ and extract the best from those and put into one most effective curriculum.
Q: Hong Kong Economic Times A: Claudine Ying
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What do you think is the key objective of children’s learning?
Today, children face many more challenges as they grow up. Parents want to build up the competitiveness of their children so make them learn different things, and keep them really busy. But at Bebegarten, we believe not to force everything down children’s throats. We promote “learning to live, living to learn”, which include developing social and emotional skills, physical capabilities, communication, reasoning and creativity etc.
Q: Apple Daily A: Bebegarten
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How do you ensure children having their first experience of a classroom environment is a positive one?
We give the children time to settle without pressure. We home in their interests and show that we value their feelings by engaging in high level one-to-one dialogue with them. Through home visits and interaction with their parents, the children soon learn to trust – this being a prerequisite for feeling a sense of belonging and comfort.
Q: SCMP A: Ginny Humpage
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How do we get children to learn proactively?
Just imagine if a child has taken interest in a certain toy in the classroom, but has been confined to a small activity area and is unable to get hold of the toy. Throughout the whole class he would be unable to concentrate and in turn affect his interest in learning whatever that’s been taught at the time. Therefore parents should learn how to let go, let their children to explore everything about the world themselves and guide them as necessary, then the child would be nurtured to learn proactively.
Q: Jessica Baby A: Shaun Chapman
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How do you implement the concept of ‘learn through play’?
We hope that children can learn through play, learn how to communicate with others, build their social skills, and at the same time develop their sensory capabilities. We have added in a huge amount of music, dance and drama elements in our classes as part of the ‘play’ content. And in each area we have professionally trained teachers to guide our children.
Q: Oriental Sunday A: Katie Miller
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