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Crawlers and movers are unique!
by Ginny Humpage, Head of Curriculum of Bebegarten Education Centre

Of course, all children are unique. But in terms of developmental needs, infants have very specific requirements. Education experts from around the world posit that the first 5 years of a child’s life are the critical years: the time when children are building those firm foundations for future success; the time when we as educators and parents are teaching and giving young children those essential tools for lifelong learning. As early years specialists with extensive experience working with young children from around the globe we understand the importance of getting it right – right from the very beginning!


At Bebegarten we have created tailor-designed programmes to meet the very specific developing needs of infants from the age of 6 – 18 months old. These unique programmes are based on extensive practice and up-to-date research in the area of early brain and child development. The focus is always on the process, not the product. Our specialist infant teachers keep abreast of current global developments and training in this specialty area.

The way young children learn is through exploring with their senses. However, it’s not just limited to the sense of taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. It is critical for young children to have opportunities to develop their vestibular and proprioception systems too. These systems focus on developing core strength, balance, coordination, body position and movement – all of which are life essential skills for future academic learning and living.


Sensory integration gives young children a way to interpret and relate to the world around them, it builds and develops nerve connection’s to the brains pathways and allows brain neurons to grow, connect and develop; ultimately leading to a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. In short these sensory integration experiences are food for the brain!

Unfortunately families living in Hong Kong are faced with limitations with the amount of sensory learning opportunities their children can be exposed to. Limitations such as environmental, time, space and cultural factors discourage young children from perhaps having the same sensory integration opportunities we did as children.


It is very clear that those children who have not had early exposure to sensory integration learning often struggle later on in areas such as writing, sitting properly, spatial awareness, eating, speech, tactile sensitivity, hand-eye coordination and small and large muscle strength. It has been suggested by experts that this is particularly evident in Hong Kong.

Our Crawlers and Movers classes are well planned to stimulate the whole child, regardless of their home language, with a very holistic and nurturing approach – in an unrushed, well thought out sensory rich environment. Our experienced teachers embrace, guide and educate the accompanying parents, helpers, grandparents or nannies.

Like you, we too want to set your children up for success.

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