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Lifelong learning begins with passion. Our enrichment classes are filled with diverse activities that allow children to truly enjoy the learning process, foster their creativity, develop interests, talents and obtain skills appropriate for their developmental stage. Children will build the knowledge about the world they live in and grow to be confident communicators.
Enrichment Education Classes

Art Explorers
Ages 18 - 28 Months (Accompanied)

Art Explorers is an introduction to an art-focused environment. Children will get messy and involved with a caretaker as they learn to blend colours, make all sorts of marks on various media and explore the first steps in a life of creative expression!

Art Foundations
Ages 28 Months - 3 Years (Unaccompanied)

Children begin to explore our dedicated Art studio with further independence and interest, discovering, observing and sharing their own creative decisions in every class. Working with a vast array of materials and art concepts throughout each term, children will flourish in furthering their sensory and artistic journey – beginning to understand the process of creating art in a fun and low ratio environment.

Art Adventurers
Ages 3 - 5 Years

Inspire your child to blossom an appreciation for art whilst having fun creating their own unique masterpieces. This class encourages children to think creatively with an open mind towards art concepts, expressing themselves through different art mediums and techniques. Even more importantly – having fun and making a mess in our Art studio in the process!

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Creative Cooks
Ages 3 - 5 Years (English)

Children are encouraged to work in teams to build confidence and independence through a fun and creative cooking process. As they become more familiar with the concepts of cooking - challenged by stimulating and alternative dishes - they will be desperate to share their skills with you at home. Children will also learn about a variety of themes and concepts through lessons that challenge their minds and their taste buds; learning the history and culture of ingredients and dishes, the natural world, nutrition and much more.

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Performing Arts
Ages 3 - 5 years

If your child cannot get enough of singalong stories and magical worlds of adventure, then our Performing Arts class is just for them. Working with experienced performers and educators, our children will form a performance group with a difference – they will direct, design, drum, dance and dream up a story for themselves – blending together the skills required in both Drama and Music performance towards their own showcase extravaganza.

As a subset of Performing Arts, Drama will be introduce to the children as a more specific part of the programme. Drama's focus is on children developing their communication skills, imaginations and friendships in a fun and dynamic environment. Children will experience role-play, character building, drama games, song, movement and storytelling as they build the confidence to express themselves creatively. Appealing to children of all experience and different learning styles, we will excite and engage children looking for fun and adventure in the classroom.

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Mandarin Play
Ages 2.5 - 3 years (Accompanied / Transition)

Join our Mandarin specialists in classes that expose children to a language programme that establishes a natural joy and curiosity for Mandarin. Our holistic and practical approach to learning Mandarin allows for children to actively experience the language for themselves; through weekly thematic explorations and the gentle introduction of traditional Chinese culture to the classroom.

We explore a variety of classroom activities that aid with the retention of ‘everyday’ and formal Mandarin in the early stages of nurturing confident and proficient communicators who are accepting and appreciating of different cultures.

Immersive Mandarin Levels 1 & 2
Ages 3 - 5 years

Introducing children to not only the language of Mandarin but also elements of Chinese culture, we will cover topics such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese opera and traditional tea ceremony etiquette – living and learning the language as we go. Through a variety of sensory, scientific and play-based classroom explorations, each of your child’s senses will be stimulated as they discover a fun yet engaging method of learning Mandarin.

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Musical Movers
Ages 12 - 18 months (Accompanied) NEW

Music utilises more areas of the brain than any other activity, and children love music from such an early age! In Musical Movers, Mommy, Daddy or another loved one will get to join in while nurturing your child’s instinctive sense of rhythm with these introduction to music classes. Our activities are designed to encourage bonding between caregiver and child through exploration of sound, singing, props and guided movement games. Learn how you can also promote your child’s musical education at home with guidance from our experienced music teachers and see how your child’s love of music will flourish!

Musical Explorers
Ages 18 - 28 months (Accompanied) NEW

As your child becomes more confident in their abilities, our programme adapts to continually challenge their growing skills! Musical Explorers works on balance, coordination, gross motor skills and rhythmic interpretation, providing a holistic experience of music. Children will have the chance to explore a wide variety of instruments, with activities designed to promote pitch training, steady beat and dynamics. By integrating music and movement, your children will begin to understand the different ways sound and music can be made, while having a lot of fun!

Musical Foundations
Ages 2.5 - 3 years (Unaccompanied)

Bring out your child's musical side as we focus on developing the foundations of musical play through instrument exploration. Children will delve into a world of song, music and percussion instrument play as we focus on stimulating their early musical skills; ear training, rhythmic sense and singing. Utilising a host of musical influences from around the world, our expert musicians will have your children exploring everything music has to offer, through music games and rhythmic activities.

Music Builders
Ages 3 - 5 years (English)

It’s time to tune up the band and get hands on with music, as children build upon their musical understanding to become equipped with the toolkit to create music. Working alongside our Music teachers with a variety of musical performing and music education experience, your child will discover a variety of instruments including keyboard, ukulele, xylophone and percussion.

Children will cover core skills such as ear training, rhythmic understanding, melodic sense, sight-reading, creating sounds to accompany stories and nursery rhymes and will attain a general knowledge of music. Let your child be inspired to explore the rich language of music in a nurturing environment as they begin to understand the many formal and expressive elements of a musical world.

As they become more familiar with their musical side, children will begin to explore the role of music in various cultures and traditions, with attention directed towards Classical European, Ethnic and Popular music, as their understanding of the world continues to grow. By blending instrumental timbres and working together as a group of musicians, our Music Builders will begin reading and notating music, exploring elements of; tempo, dynamics, articulation and timbre, being aware of different styles and developing a specific music vocabulary.

Music Makers
Ages 5+ years

Our young and expressive musicians are now guided to develop their keyboard performance skills as makers of music. Children will begin their journey of learning appropriate accompaniment styles – selecting drum patterns and different timbres according to their own creative ideas. Alongside this development, the children will follow a pathway of traditional piano learning within a modern approach; utilising challenging but appropriate music literature adapted from classical and contemporary compositions.

As the foundations of future passion for music grows, with children aiming to become proficient readers and performers of music, a focus will turn to the correct techniques of instrument play. By learning to read and notate music, our children will build confidence in their comprehension and expression of the universal language of music. This class is recommended for children who will continue their practice at home to fulfil their potential as effective music makers.

Private Music Lessons
Ages 5+ years

Sometimes we need to pay a bit more attention to a specific instrument or skill. Whether your child is looking to ace a music exam, prepare for a performance or just loves to dive deeper into the musical world, Private Music Lessons can be arranged with any of our amazing music teacher.

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math NEW
Ages 3 - 5 Years

With the world at their feet, we all want to see our children achieve their potential. This class will see a small group of scientific minds being challenged each week to explore the world around them and the wonders of experimentation. Through trial and error, researching, strategizing and problem solving we will leave no stone un-turned as we explore the horizons of early science and take up the challenge of fact-finding and myth busting each and every week. Developing interest today in preparation for a better future.

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De La Mano Spanish NEW
Ages 3+ years (unaccompanied)

Classes are designed for students with little or no Spanish experience and are run by our good friends from De La Mano Spanish. Using play-based activities, students will get to learn Spanish - one of the world's most widely spoken languages - in a natural and fun way! This is the perfect starting point for children to acquire every-day vocabulary while hearing it spoken by native Spanish teachers. With new themes every week, students will play games and join group activities as they are introduced to Spanish language and culture. As a result, they'll love learning to express themselves and to understand Spanish grammar, syntax and pronunciation!

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Story Time
Ages 3-5 years (English) NEW

In this special Story Time class, children will be immersed in both familiar and new stories from around the world.

Stories are the foundation for imaginative play, creative writing as well as a great way to enhance listening skills and vocabulary. Sound differentiation, alliteration and rhyming will be explored in a fun and interactive way promoting a lifelong love of reading.

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