Our 10,000+ sq. ft. of open space with classrooms and dedicated activity areas allow children to observe and learn from each other.
Over 3's playground
Over 3's playground
Under 3's playground
Bright Open Space
For our play-based curriculum to be impactful, a bright open space that can develop and stimulate creativity is important, as environment is reputed to be the third teacher.
Age Appropriate Facilities
The needs for children under 3 years old and those above are different. Understanding that, our equipment and facilities are designed to be age appropriate and reflective of the real world.
Visual Arts activity room
5 dedicated 700 sq ft classrooms
Crawler's classroom
Natural Materials
We use natural materials wherever possible and have equipped each area with toys that allow children’s imagination and creativity to fly.
Dedicated Activity Studios
Our dedicated visual and performing arts rooms allow children to develop their talent and creativity in a well-equipped and safe environment.
Performing Arts activity room
Feeding and changing room
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