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The ABC’s of Your Child’s Developing Brain
with Scarlett Mattoli, Child Psychologist
Thursday, 23 April 2015
7:00pm – 8:30pm
HKD250 per person
Presentation outline

Taking the ‘Neurobiopsychosocial’ perspective, Scarlett will give you an overview of how all areas of child development as listed below intermingle and rely upon one another, preparing each child for their first Primary level education experiences and beyond as well as what you can do to support, strengthen and further their preparedness for academic success and life beyond.

  • Neurological development
  • Sensory Integration & Physical development
  • Social-Emotional development
  • Cognitive & Language development
  • Strategies for Strengthening and Support
  • Red Flags and how to get help
  • How are you optimizing your child’s early year’s development?

Come and learn more about how to prepare your child for primary education, how you can support their development and find out what is going on with your child – inside and out in the first six years.

About the speaker

Scarlett Mattoli MBPsS (Graduate Basis for Chartership), Member AC (Accredited Coach), Member ISCP, Member EMCC (Accredited Coach: Practitioner) MIC (Candidate, 2014), MSc Coaching Psych (Merit), MScPsych, PGDSocSci, PGCSocSci, BA Psych (Hons)

Scarlett has been assisting families, students, educators, individuals and corporations in Hong Kong for nearly a decade with queries relating to child development, learning differences, behaviour management, expat family dynamics/third culture children, developmental/educational assessments and more recently with coaching and counselling psychology practices.

Scarlett is available to offer Advocacy, Advisory, Assessments & Testing, Consultancy, Coaching Psychology, Counselling Psychology (from October 2014), Workshops, Training, Research and Writing services for Hong Kong and in Asia.

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