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Open to Bebegarten families only
Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Global and What it Means For Their Identity
with Laura Cowan, Counsellor, Hong Kong Academy
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
2:30pm – 3:30pm
Free (Bebegarten families only)
Presentation outline

This presentation will provide a solid understanding of who and what Third Culture Kid’s (TCK’S) are, how this impacts their identity, how you as parents may be impacted, how to recognise and address some of the challenges that occur, as well as how to encourage and celebrate the many positive attributes of being a TCK brings.

About the speaker

Laura Cowan is a TCA (Third Culture Adult), born in Canada, growing up mainly in Scotland, as well as living in Malta for a few years during her adolescence. She is an international educator and counselor with 19 years of experience mostly within Asia, having worked at Hong Kong International School, Shanghai American School and Zurich International School. She currently works at Hong Kong Academy as the secondary school counselor.

Laura’s personal and professional experiences have provided her with an excellent insight within the field of international counseling, and more specifically with third culture kids and their families. She has presented in Asia and Europe on this topic, and is a lead person in providing ongoing education and training to educators around the world.

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